Smart Permit – Make your permitting approval process smart

Smart Permit – presents a simple yet detailed solution that expands the possibility of quick and accurate coordination between departments naturally, because the simplified process allows the clients to experience a paradigm shift in the way they are working with the applications and handling files and communicating between departments.

The solution comes with the state of the art technologies and map enabled interactive representation and communication. It is also ready to integrate with any database system with its database independent architecture.

The Smart Permit system has the following module for managing complete business operations.

What makes it essential for the permitting authorities?

Online application – single point source to take the requests for No Objection Certificate.
Paperless and Transparent process – Applications traverse through mail box to mail box enabling effective and efficient handling of requests and adds transparency and quick movement of applications between the responsible officers.
Geo-Enabled: The applicant can draw and represent the area of interest on a Map where he is applying for a permit. This makes the job easy for the inspection and accurate verification of the application.
Configurable Roles for approval: Approving officers can be assigned to the case to case basis for various categories of permitting processes.
Transparent & Traceable: Applicant and authorities can always track the status of the application.
Profitable and Fast: The process saves the huge cost of waiting and the manual movement of the files between offices and officers. Helps to avoid damages of underground assets by incorporating the Geo-enabled solution.
Innovative and Compatible: The system is ready to integrate with any database system. Innovative system to automate the approval process.

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